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What is morning gift?

A morning gift is a gift that, according to tradition, you give to your partner the day after the wedding, i.e. the first morning as newlyweds. 

The perfect morning gift

Our popular piece of jewelry "In your hand" is a very popular morning gift because of its simple but exclusive expression and for its appropriate symbolism.

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The history of the morning gift

The morning gift was originally something that the husband gave to his new wife to secure her eventual widowhood. Today, the morning gift is a symbolic tradition where the newly married couple show their love for each other by handing each a gift.

Jewellery as a morning gift

Jewelry has become the most common morning gift for both her and him, but a morning gift can also be an experience or a thing of symbolic value.

Morning gift for him

Today, it is becoming increasingly common for the wife to also give her husband a morning gift. Here you will find suggestions for suitable morning gifts for him.

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