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Ekenberg jewellery production

Our Workshop

Ekenberg Scandinavia is one of the few players who produce their jewellery in Norway and Scandinavia. The jewellery is produced by hand at one of Scandinavia's most ancient and historical goldsmiths, Arven, located in Bergen on the Norwegian west coast.

Norwegian handicraft history

The history of Arven


Modern design & historical expertise

In our workshop, jewellery is not merely a product; it is a labor of love, a piece of artistry that carries with it the weight of tradition and the pride of craftsmanship. It is this unique blend of heritage, skill, and artistry that makes our Scandinavian jewellery even more intriguing and captivating when produced in an old, historical Scandinavian workshop.

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Norwegian Craftsmanships

We want to preserve the Scandinavian craft tradition. We collaborate with local producers and suppliers. Each jewellery is crafted from sterling silver or gold.

Designed and produced in Scandinavia


It takes about 6-12 months from the sketch until the jewellery is available in the store

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