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How to take care of your jewellery?

Our jewellery is being produced in Sterling Silver and 18K Gold. These materials are noble metals that can last for generations when treated carefully. Here you’ll find our best advice on how to treat your jewellery so that it can keep shining as long as possible.

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We recommend that you take off all jewellery when sleeping or doing activities that can cause damage to your pieces; such as sports, swimming and sauna.

By being mindful when wearing your jewellery, you’ll avoid getting scratches, and your golden pieces will keep their shine. We also recommend that you wait until creams and cosmetics are fully absorbed into the skin before putting on your jewellery. This helps to avoid discolouration, as you’ll minimise excess fats, dirt and chemicals coming into direct contact with your pieces.


Another tip to keep your jewellery flawless is to store each piece separately in closed boxes. When travelling you should take extra care, and make sure to pack your jewellery well.

It’s a good idea to wrap your pieces in soft material or paper to make sure that they don’t get any scratches. To avoid oxidation and discolouration it’s important to always store your jewellery in a dry place. Therefore you should avoid keeping any jewellery in the bathroom, where it is more humid than normal. Especially Silver jewellery oxidizes easily, and should ideally be stored separately in airtight bags. 

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With daily use your jewellery is being exposed to dust, dirt, fats, cosmetics and perfume that should be washed away regularly. To make sure your jewellery keeps its shine it’s important to clean it often and well. Gold jewellery requires very little maintenance to stay in good condition.

If worn and stored well, Silver jewellery is also quite easy to make shine like new.

Both Silver and Gold can be washed in warm water with soap and a few drops of Ammoniumklorid. After washing, make sure to rinse your pieces in clean, lukewarm water and dry them with a soft cotton cloth. If needed, a little brush can be used to scrub away excess dust and dirt from your jewellery.

If your pieces need extra care and polishing, we recommend using custom products for jewellery treatment. You can buy our favourite products below.

Diamond-jewellery that are worn on a regular basis should be delivered to a jeweller yearly, to make sure that the diamonds are solid and sit in their place.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions regarding jewellery care and maintenance. We hope that you choose to take good care of your jewellery, so that it will keep shining for generations. 

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