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Silver jewellery

Nordic jewellery design by Ekenberg

Welcome to Ekenberg Scandinavia, where we proudly showcase all our exclusive collections of handmade jewellery with a clear connection to Scandinavia. Each piece of jewellery is crafted with care in a historic workshop in Bergen on the Norwegian west coast, with a long history and tradition of silver and goldsmithing.

Explore our jewellery and discover the unique expression of Scandinavian design and nature that characterizes each piece. Enjoy timeless beauty and elegance in every detail, and take a piece of Scandinavia with you wherever you go.

Scandinavian luxury

Pulpit Rock

Jewellery collection inspired by The Pulpit Rock. The Pulpit Rock is a natural jewel of the Norwegian fjord landscape, and has become a symbol of Norway. We have focused on creating a jewellery collection with a minimalist design, reflecting the beauty of nature.

Scandinavian jewellery design

Flying Birds

With the 'Flying Birds' collection, we aim to convey the elegance of migratory birds and the breathtaking nature of Scandinavia through jewellery that is both subtle and meaningful. These pieces are not just accessories but also serve as a reminder that, just like the migratory birds, we have the ability to keep exploring the world and embrace change.

Handmade Sognefjord necklace from Norway

Fjords of Norway

Jewellery collection inspired by some of Norway’s most spectacular fjords. Every fjord has its own characteristics which are reflected in our jewellery collection. The fact that each jewellery is handmade, makes each piece unique. 

In your hand

In Your Hand

This delicate piece from Ekenberg Scandinavia is a symbol of care and protection. An elegant hand in gold gently holds a shimmering diamond, representing the precious things in life and the ties we have to those we cherish. Every detail is meticulously crafted, reflecting the high quality and skill of Norwegian craftsmanship.