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Jewellery Material

My name is Per, and I am the Founder and designer of Ekenberg Scandinavia and designer of our jewellery. 
Today I thought I'd share some insider knowledge about the various materials we use in the goldsmith industry, and how we ensure that our creations are not only looks beautiful but also durable over time.

When it comes to jewellery production, the choice of material is a crucial part of the process. The materials we choose to work with at Ekenberg Scandinavia not only reflect our design philosophy but also our pursuit of quality and durability.


At the heart of our material palette is the delightful, timeless metal: gold. Real gold is an investment, a noble metal that does not corrode or oxidize over time. When we talk about real gold, we refer to the metal in its entirety, consistent throughout the entire piece of jewellery. It can vary in karat content, where 24 karats is pure gold, while 18, 14, etc., mean that the gold is alloyed with other metals to increase hardness and change the color.

Different countries have varying standards for gold. In Norway, 14k gold is the standard and is therefore used most frequently.

Real Gold vs. Gold-Plated Products

Many actors within the jewellery industry use gold plating in their products as a cost-effective alternative to real gold. This choice is often made to keep prices down and make the jewellery more accessible to a broader market. Gold plating involves applying a thin layer of gold onto a base metal, giving the jewelry a gold appearance without the higher cost of solid gold. Although this is a popular practice, our company has chosen not to follow this trend. We are committed to using only real gold in our jewellery to ensure the highest quality and value for our customers. This means that our jewellery is made to last and remain valuable, an investment that endures over time. The only exception is that we offer chains that are gold-plated.

Scandinavian gold ring handmade in Norway

Silver 925

Most of our jewelry is available in silver 925, a high-quality and durable form of silver. Silver 925, also known as sterling silver, consists of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals, often copper, which enhances its strength compared to pure silver. This alloy is valued for its durability and timeless beauty, making it an excellent choice for everyday wear. Unlike gold, silver 925 has a more restrained luster, offering a subtle elegance that suits various styles and occasions.

The Use of Rhodium

At Ekenberg Scandinavia, we often use rhodium plating, especially on our silver and white gold products. Rhodium is an extremely hard and reflective metal that belongs to the platinum group. When applied to silver or white gold, it enhances the jewellery shine while also providing a protective surface. This protects silver from tarnishing, a process known as discoloration, and ensures that white gold retains its brilliant white hue for longer. This treatment is an example of how we not only improve the aesthetic properties of the jewellery but also its lifespan and durability.

Recycled gold

Durability and Quality

At Ekenberg, we are deeply committed to ensuring that our jewellery is not only beautiful but also durable. That's why we carefully choose materials that stand the test of time and can be worn day in and day out, year after year. We strive to create jewellery that not only survives fashion changes but also physical wear. By investing in quality materials and processing techniques, we ensure that our jewellery is not just a part of the present but also a part of the future.

In a world where fashion changes quickly, we stand firm in creating something lasting. At Ekenberg Scandinavia, it's about finding the balance between aesthetics and endurance, and we are proud to be able to offer jewellery that is as timeless as it is robust.

Thank you for following our journey within jewellery design. We look forward to continuing to provide you with jewellery that you can love and carry with you through all the moments of life.

Warm regards,

Per Ekenberg
Jewellery Designer
Ekenberg Scandinavia

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