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Valentine’s Day

When is Valentine’s Day 2022? What should I get for my loved one?
We’ve got the answers you’re looking for and unique gifts for your Valentine!

February 14th - an international celebration

Every year Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th all around the world. The celebration is a tribute to love, romance and special bonds between humans. On this day the tradition is to pamper your loved ones with attention and personal gifts. 

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The celebration of Valentine’s day originates way back in time from both roman goddesses and Christian saints. Like the marking of Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Halloween, is Valentine’s Day another tradition that USA has inspired us to celebrate. 

What to give on Valentine's Day?

There are many different gifts you can give to your loved one on Valentine's Day. The most important thing is not what you give, but that you give your loved one some attention. Beautiful jewellery has been a popular gift over the years and is therefore a safe choice.

Ekenberg Scandinavia

Norskproduserte smykker

With increased focus on quality, sustainability and local produce, our jewellery collections have become popular gifts. We have a wide variety of timeless earrings, necklaces, rings, cufflinks and bracelets in different price classes. We’d be pleased to help you find the right gift for your Valentine. 

Jewellery for Valentine’s Day

Fjord jewellery

Personalized gifts with your own fjord

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Engagement on Valentine's day

Valentine’s Day may be the opportunity to ask your very special one to marry. If you’re among the ones considering “to ask for forever”, we’ve got you covered. We customise engagement and wedding rings for your special days. Get inspired by our rings here.